We offer Japanese Whetstone sharpening services to professionals and home chefs as well as wholesale sharpening services for local restaurants and kitchens. We service an array of bladed tools and specialize in sharpening culinary knives and straight razors. Using dozens of the highest quality natural and synthetic stones from around the world, we hand-tailor each edge to produce the sharpest and most durable finish to best suit your needs.

While we are working to make our services more widely available, we are currently offering in-person pick-up and drop-off to places of business and residential addresses in the Portland area, for a minimum order of 3 knives with a 1-2 day turnaround. Orders of 15 or more knives recieve a 10% discount (great for combining with friends or family). Visit our SERVICES page to learn more about our services and how to coordinate a sharpening order with us.

We take our name, 'Strata,' from our love of natural sharpening stones that derive their unique characteristics from the layer, or strata, within the quarry where they were mined. Click below to learn more about this fascinating world of whetstone sharpening.